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Still today there is a diatribe between Veneto and Friuli with regard to the origin of tiramisu’. Roberto Linguanotto (Veneto), chef of the restaurant “Alle Beccherie”, says that the idea of a dessert like tiramisu would come out, at the end of the 1960s, from the beaten yolk commonly used by peasant families, to which mascarpone was then added. Among the other eligible inventors is Speranza Garatti (Friuli), owner of “Il Camin”, who in 1962 claims to have first prepared a dessert based on ladyfingers, mascarpone and coffee. Someone traces the origin of tiramisu even to the 1940s: in a Friulian restaurant. The story is told by Mario Cosolo, chef of the Vetturino, where, according to some sources, a chocolate and eggnog based dessert would have been in production since the 1940s, initially called the Coppa Vetturino, name later changed to Tiramisù after a customer it seems he had said that the dessert had … cheered him up!


  • Vegan Tiramisù
  • Berries Tiramisù
  • Nutella Tiramisù

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