€ 50.00 120 min

Antipasti (appetizers or starters) is a pleasant Italian way to start a lunch or dinner with friends. It has a real entertainment role and, depending on the occasion, you can choose whether to taste it at the table or on your feet, perhaps while sipping a glass of prosecco. It can be served in individual single dishes, artfully prepared, or in an elegant tray placed in the centre of the table. To prepare this course you don’t need to be a great chef, but a good dose of imagination and creativity.

The custom of preparing quick appetizers before the actual meal, especially on festive occasions or when there are guests, is a habit shared and loved by all Italians. However, this is not a trend that has recently spread, the habit of opening meal with something appetizing that stimulates appetite goes back to ancient Rome. The term “antipasto” is of Latin origin: “ante-paestum” means “before the meal” or “before lunch” and indicated precisely those light dishes, simple to prepare and usually in small portions, which were put at the table to be enjoyed before the actual meal begins.


  • with meat
  • vegetarian
  • vegan

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