double course

Doppio course

Doppio (double) course is a condensed course where you create two dishes in 3 hours. Are you a pasta lover and a cake dreamer? Learn how to make Tagliatelle and Tiramisù. Simply select one of the proposed food combinations and get in touch with us to schedule your cooking experience.


Antipasti + Pasta

€ 80.00 180 min

Along this course you will learn how to prepare a quick and succulent Italian meal. Antipasti and pasta are two pillars of Italian culinary tradition, they are simple to make but imagination plays an important...

Pasta + Pasta

€ 80.00 180 min

Do you love pasta? Then this is the course for you. Along the three hours you will create 3 types of pasta and the sauces for it. We will start from basic ingredients and we...

Pasta + Risotto

€ 80.00 180 min

Pasta and Risotto are the most important first courses of the Italian culinary tradition. If you want to impress your family and guests at home do not hesitate to sign up on this course and...

Pasta + Pizza

€ 80.00 180 min

In this course you will get to know two stars of the world food: pasta and pizza. Who has ever dreamed of a pasta dish or a pizza? I guess everyone. Join this course and...