Salame al Cioccolato

Salame al Cioccolato


€ 50.00 90 min

In the Grandma Duck Handbook, published in the 70s, Chocolate Salami is called Viking Salami. According to “Grandma Duck”, who dedicated an entire chapter to deserts prepared outside the Roman Empire, the Vikings travelled by sea and loved to display alternating black and yellow shields on the sides of their ships. The colouring of the shields inspired the presence of chocolate (black) and biscuits (yellow) in the dessert. In Emilia Romagna there is no Easter lunch that ends without a slice of this simple and delicious dessert. The Piedmonts (north-west Italy) confectionery tradition even characterizes it, making it as similar as possible to the sausage referred to in the name of the dessert. Piedmontese confectioners, in fact, wrap it in the elastic net and add Piedmont hazelnuts and Gianduja chocolate to the dry biscuits inside, making it a high-quality dessert. In Piedmont it is also known by the name of Salame del Papa. In Sicily, the Chocolate Salame takes the name of Turkish Salami, certainly not for the origin of the dessert, but for the colour that resembles that of the skin of the Moors.


  • Coffé flavoured

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