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Singolo course

Singolo (single) course is the basic cooking course format as you will prepare a single dish. Get started, it's simple: choose your favourite Italian food in our selection, book a course, come to IFL and make it with our chefs who will teach you all the secrets.



€ 50.00 120 min

The origin of pizza could be placed between the 16th and 17th centuries in the Kingdom of Naples. This is the so-called “Mastunicola” pizza made with lard, squeaks, sheep’s cheese, pepper and basil. Another preparation...


€ 50.00 120 min

Vincenzo Corrado (1734-1836), in his book “Cuoco Galante”, describes the Gnocchi alla Panna and the Gnocchi alla Dama. Corrado also brings the first Italian recipe for potato gnocchi. At the end of the 19th century...


€ 50.00 120 min

In 1200 a young and beautiful noble arrived to a guest-house called Corona in the village of Castelfranco Emilia close by the city of Bologna. The innkeeper accompanied the lady to the room and he...


€ 50.00 120 min

Symbol of Puglia, they represent a real pillar of the culinary tradition of this region. The origin is a mystery, in fact there are no documents confirming their birth. According to local tradition, the shape...