Italian Cooking Courses

Italian Cooking Courses

We have 5 formats of courses: Singolo, Doppio, Giorno, Bravo, Pizzaiolo Italiano. We have courses for beginners and also passionate cooks. Look up our menu and choose your favorite course..


Pizzaiolo Italiano Course

€ 1000.00 40 Hours

This course is aimed to anyone who wants to become a pizza pro and get a job as a pizzaiolo. According to Italian tradition and pizza industry standards a pizza maker can be considered a...

Bravo Course

€ 600.00 25 Hours

This course is aimed to those people who are really passionate about cooking and want to take their Italian cuisine knowledge to an intermediate-advanced level. Along this course participants will go through different areas of...

Giorno Salato

€ 160.00 360 min

This course is aimed to anyone who have a passion for cooking and wants to deepen his knowledge on Italian food. Giorno Salato means “salted day” and in this course you will prepare some of...

Giorno Dolce

€ 160.00 360 min

This course is aimed to anyone who have a real passion for baking and pastry. Giorno Dolce means “sweet day” and this course will make your day extremely sweet and enjoyable. If you are the...

Giorno Dolce Salato

€ 160.00 360 min

Giorno Dolce Salato (sweet & salted day) is perfect for those who can’t resist to a pizza slice or a pasta dish and always say yes to a delicious cake. If you want to discover...