single courses

Singolo course

Singolo (single) course is the basic cooking course format as you will prepare a single dish. Get started, it's simple: choose your favourite Italian food in our selection, book a course, come to IFL and make it with our chefs who will teach you all the secrets.



€ 50 120 min

In the region of Molise it is the typical Sunday dish. Even today, after centuries, it is not a real feast if cavatelli with pork sauce are missing on the table, a tasty sauce made...

Spaghetti Espresso

€ 30.00 60 min

Learn to make spaghetti like an Italian!

Spaghetti Lento

€ 50.00 120 min

In the Spaghetti Lento course you will prepare the spaghetti from scratch starting with flour and water, making the dough, stretching and shaping it. You will also prepare the sauce and finally enjoy your Italian...


€ 50.00 120 Min

Tagliatelle were invented in the 1487 by chef Zerafino from Bologna, who was asked to prepare a new dish for the wedding of 2 members of important royal families. Tradition wants that Zerafino was inspired...