Team Building Party

Team Building Party


€ 40.00 180 min

Cohesion, trust and common goals are elements that make a group successful in work, sport and other sectors.

A very important element to compete in the modern market is corporate responsiveness understood as the ability to identify an opportunity or problem, create a winning team of people for the mission, aim and achieve the goal.

Indeed academic studies have shown that elements such as conviviality, common goals, food and manual activities represent the ideal mix to create a supportive and successful group. These components interact directly with a person’s subconscious, for this reason they are important for shaping an individual’s mental approach.

A cooking experience with other people is undoubtedly an excellent starting point to create a sort of empathy within a group of people.

At the Italian Food Lab we are good at letting people discover their potential in the kitchen and we are masters at parties and fun. Our Team Building experiences are 3-hour events in which a group of people create some typical Italian dishes starting from raw materials and they end sitting together at the same table eating their own-made food and drinking good wine.

We create small groups of work so as to create a genuine competition between the participants and add a bit of spirit to the event.

We provide everything to make this experience unforgettable: uniforms, ingredients for cooking, instruments, top location in Padova city centre, party gadgets, professional chef, aperitifs, wine, beers, photographer.

Make your workers and colleagues perform at their best, book a Team Building experience at Italian Food Lab!!!

Price: 40€ per person

Extra services: clown, balloon decorations (prices to be added)

Participants: minimum 5 persons, max 12 persons

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