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In the Italian language strozzapreti literally means priest strangling. One of the legends created to explain the origin of the name refers to the tradition according to which the women of Romagna prepared this type of pasta to offer it to the priest of the country, while the husbands, of more anticlerical extraction, wished the priest to “choke” while he stuffed himself with soup. An interpretation suggests that the etymology of the name can be traced back to the consistency of the strozzapreti, such as to tame the hunger of the priest (notoriously strong eater) to the point of choking him. Another interpretation ties the name to the dry and decisive movement with which the housewife from Romagna “chokes” the puff pastry strips to obtain the strozzapreti, as if to express an anger so intense as to choke a priest. Another tradition that is very widespread in Romagna requires that this type of pasta without eggs was prepared when the housewife (the azdora) was left without eggs because the priest had taken them all away. The housewife, therefore, while kneading the flour with the water, hoped that the priest would choke while eating the eggs with which she would have to make pasta for her family.

Sauce options

  • Tomato sauce & Chilli
  • Parma ham & Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms & Gorgonzola cheese

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