Pizzaiolo Italiano Course

Pizzaiolo Italiano Course


€ 1500.00 40 Hours

This course is aimed to anyone who wants to become a pizza pro and get a job as a pizzaiolo. According to Italian tradition and pizza industry standards a pizza maker can be considered a professional pizzaiolo (pizza chef) if he/she has at least 2 years working experience making pizza, is able to master all stages of the pizza making process (dough making, dough rising, dough stretching, cooking and topping) and has developed a considerable knowledge about flours, ingredients, tools/instruments and theoretical aspects. This 40-hours course will cover the following topics: history of pizza, types of pizza, flour, yeast, tomato & mozzarella, toppings, instruments & tools, work environment (temperature & humidity), health and safety. Along the course participants will have to perform several activities: dough preparation, dough folding, dough rising, pizza stretching, use of several instruments (oven, dough machine, blenders, pales/showels, etc.), topping preparation, cleaning of working area. The course is a balanced blend of theory and practical activities, where participants will get their hands on from day 1. If you want to succeed in the pizza business do not hesitate to sign up for this course and meet our chef who has trained thousands of people from all over the world. Do not wait to become a real pizzaiolo italiano!!!


  • History of Pizza
  • Types of pizza
  • Other baked products: panzerotti, focaccia, etc
  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Tomato & mozzarella
  • Toppings
  • Instruments & tools
  • Work enviroment: temperature & humidity


  • Dough preparation
  • Dough folding 
  • Dough rising
  • Pizza opening 
  • Use of several instruments: oven, dough machine, blenders, pales/showels and others.
  • Set up ingredients line
  • Cleaning of the working area

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